Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tribal Tattoo Pack #2: 6 New 'Ambitions' Tattoos

I am back with more tattoos. 

Like the previous set, these are 'Ambitions' tattoos. You MUST have Ambitions OR a post-Ambitions game patch to use them. 

These tattoos only have ONE recolorable channel: the forth. I explain how coloring the tattoos works in this older post.  Read it if you just asked yourself: "Which one is the fourth channel?" Also, each tattoo comes with THREE preset colors: black, red, and blue. 

The Tattoos

Tribal skull w/feathers. (Both red and black color settings are featured.)

Is it a heart? Is it fruit? (It's both.)

Tribal broken heart.

Random tribal design.


Download the set HERE

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