Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Tribal Tattoos

This is my first ever CC upload. I've learned to make Ambitions tattoos. (At least, I hope I have. They DO work in my game.) They are not recolourable at the moment; I wanted to colorize them, but they turned out black and white, so I'm gonna have to read the tutorial again AND post an update if I do actually colorize them. But they are perfectly functional as solid color black tattoos. (Again, I tested them in my game.)

And without further ado...

dragons in a heart shape


tribal armband
(looks best scaled large)

tribal cross

two tribal flowers
(don't they look like best friends?)


P.S. If you have any suggestions about how to make this content (or the sample pics) better, PLEASE let me know. Also, let me know if you run into any problems. Or if you just like them. =)

Important UPDATE

Okay, I had some problems with the last tattoo upload. Colorzing problems, to be exact. I have basically fixed the problem. And now each tattoo has ONE recolorable channel. The problem, it seems, is between Tattooinator and my computer. For some reason Tattooinator doesn't pay attention to the channels I deselect. Thus, when you go into CAS, ALL FOUR color channels show up, even though only one is recolorable -- the fourth recolorable channel, the tiny one. For simplicity's sake, I've drawn a yellow circle around the ONLY channel that works.

So, it is fixed, if you think about it. The tattoos are now colored in the way they were initially meant to be. Just ignore the extra channels behind the curtain (that don't work and are pointless).


The tattoo is now purple!

In short, please download the updated files HERE

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yangthecat said...

I love these tat designs. It'sso hard to find good ink for Sims, so thanks for this!