Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Strappy Shoes -- New Mesh!

So, I've finally made a mesh -- my first, in fact. I decided to try shoes. Somehow, that seemed to be the way to go at the time.

They are fully recolourable with TWO channels and have silver buckles on the outer side (which are non-recolourable). The preset is a dark (nearly pure black) suede. In CTU, it looked all texturized, but not so much in CAS. I didn't go back and change it because A) the lupus monster makes me very tired and B) I trust in your ability to recolor in CASt. (Be proud.)

Here is a fully body screen cap of the preset:

And here is a side closeup of the preset, so you can see the height of the heel and platform: 

And here is what they look like with a different pattern (and with some color):

I think they look better recoloured now that I look at them some more.

Important Info

There are TWO issues I see with these. Most of you will not think they're a big deal. These are superficial issues and do not effect the way the shoes work -- just the way they look. But, I am going to go ahead and put this out there, so nobody can say I didn't warn them. 

Issue #1

When you rotate the shoes to this *exact* angle, you can see that there is a little fleshy area. It's only in that spot, and it's only on that particular shoe. I've tried changing the mesh, I've tried changing the texture. I honestly can't figure that spot out. At other angles, and particularly *while you're playing the game*, it's not noticeable.

Issue #2

I can't get the encircled seems to be flush; no matter what, they won't line up. I suspect it's something to do with the texture. Maybe there needs to be more curvature in the way the foot curves? I'm not sure. I tried to fix it, but it looked goofier. BUT, unless you're going to be staring an inordinate amount of time at the inner sides of your Sim's feet, then you're probably not gonna notice.


I had to change the specular image to get the thicker straps to look right. However, I made it a bit matte. They will look very monochromatic with the preset. You can make them to look less flat by playing around with color to your liking. (See my recoloured image.) But, keep in mind, that I did intend these heels be one color (or one pattern) even though they've got two recolourable channels.


Download them HERE

(P.S. The dress my model is wearing is by Rusty Nail.)

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