Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've Got Stripes: Color Block Skirts for Teens

Teens definitely need more custom clothing service. And now that teenagers actually have stuff to do in-game (thanks to Generations), that's all the more true. So, I come bearing skirts for teen females.

Our first model, Brigitte is wearing a bold color block miniskirt with button details. The preset is an electric blue, as pictured, but there are three recolourable channels.

This buttons on this skirt have a sort of pearlescent quality to them. To give them a more matte look, color them darker. If you don't like the buttons at all, they pretty much disappear if you coordinate the color to match with the stripes.

Download the first skirt here.

Our second model, Siran, is wearing the second skirt set, which features thick horizontal stripes. The second skirt comes with two design presets, which are slightly different from one another.

The first skirt has less stripes, but thicker ones. The top stripe, which is thicker than the others, acts like a waistband. The preset is pictured, an electric purple and black combo.

The second preset is a dark, dark dusky pink. This preset differs from the first in that all the stripes are the same size, and that there are more of them. Download the second skirt (including both presets) here.

Misc. Unimportant Details

I'm a fashion design student. One of the first things you learn about how fabric lays on the body is stripes. I wanted to avoid the fake look of a photoskinned color block skirt that's just pasted on the body with no regard for the way the fabric actually lays on the body, and warps according to the body's natural curves. So, I made the color block print the way a real fabric designer would. When the fabric is laid flat, the stripes are perfectly even, flat, rigid, etc. The warping you see is the way it is actually laying on the Sim's body, which makes it look more natural.

Custom Content Credits
(Where to get the pictured CC that IS NOT mine.)

*Tops: Brigitte's top is from All About Style. Siran's is by hasel.
*Both are wearing skin and blush by the talented Lady Frontbum. (Siran's eye shadow is also by the same -- a personal fave of mine.)
*Both are wearing lipgloss by daluved1
*Brigitte's hair is by Anubis360.
*And a special thank you to whoever made Brigitte's tights/socks combo. I don't remember who the artist is, but I'll credit if/when I figure it out!