Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two More Lipglosses

I'm back again with even MORE lipgloss, because -- because, why not? My Sims like to keep their lips moist. It's an obsession perfectly normal.

Glossy Lips

Here, Jillian is wearing the new Glossy Lips. These have more of a shine than the ones that I've released before, so if that's your bag, then you'll probably like them.

And here is a screen shot in game. As you can see, shininess is somewhat dependent upon environmental luminosity. So, at night, when the lights are dim, it's just not going to be as shiny -- but that adds realism, so yeah.

Heart Lips

Yuki is wearing Heart lips, so named because -- well, her lips are kinda heart-shaped and, well, yeah.

This gloss is more matte. In fact, one might call it a lipstick rather than a lipgloss. But I was craving something really matte -- but with texture -- in my game, so this was the result.

I chose this deep red color to show them off here, but they also look pretty neat in exotic colors like purple and blue.

And here is an in-game shot. As you can see, when the lips have a matte finish, there's less of a difference between CAS and the game.


The Glossy is HERE

The Heart is HERE

CC List (for the stuff I didn't create):

Both models are wearing Lady Frontbum's Naughty Skin. They are wearing Romance eye shadow and Cheeky V 2 blush (set to low opacity). Get it all at Lady Frontbum. I pretty much exclusively use Lady Frontbum's Naughty skins (male, female, all ages), so I'm gonna make a post with the defaults replacements I use.

The eyebrows for Jillian come from XM Sims, created by in789. (Yuki is wearing base game eye brows.) 

I don't really remember who the clothes are by. I'm gonna have to get back to you on that. (I suck at keeping track of other creator's CC, which wasn't really a problem until I started creating myself, SO...I'mma try to do better in the future. And offer these creators my most humble apologies in the meantime.) 

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