Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shabby Update

I decided my blog was in desperate need of a new layout, so I strolled (yes, strolled) over to Shabby Blogs to snag some free shabby blog things, like this nifty background. The header is theirs too. I just did a crappy edit to put my crappy blog name on their shabby header. =D

So, yeah. I've made some more lipglosses. I need to test those out. I'm also thinking about doing some paintings. I learned how to do custom paintings, but I think I need to work on it a bit before I actually post one (the last one came off slightly off center from the original, which was a Matisse).

Anyway, I'm just telling you things. But I might even post a REAL UPDATE later today even. You just never know.

Until then my hobos,

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